Monday, May 17, 2010

J C Fisher

An illuminated script signed by Joseph Chamberlain and presented to my great grandfather John Charles Fisher in appreciation of his services to the East Birmingham Liberal Unionists.

Monday, September 27, 2004


I thought I'd better start adding more photographs from my mother's side of the family. My mother's parents are from the Durham and Yorkshire regions and so my family history research has dived up't North ;-) .

My mother, Marjory Pugh. The photograph was probably taken around 1947. Posted by Hello

My grandmother Violet Pugh (nee Gatenby). She was born in Stockton on 2nd March 1907 and died in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, on 17th November 1970. Posted by Hello
My grandparents on their wedding day, 31st December 1927. Noah Pugh (1905-1980) and his bride Violet Gatenby (1907-1970). They married at Gilkes Street Primitive Methodist Church, Middlesbrough. Posted by Hello
This is Races furniture shop in Middlesbrough. The young man in front is, believe, my grandfather Noah Pugh. My great grandparents, my grandparents and my mother all, at some time, lived in the upper floor and attic. There are cigarette machines on the posts in front of the door. Posted by Hello

My grandmother, Violet Pugh (nee Gatenby), probably in Sutton Coldfield, Warks. Posted by Hello

Cynthia Pugh, my mother's only sibling. She was born 9th August 1931 and died of meningitis in 1933. Posted by Hello

Another picture of Cynthia.. because she was really gorgeous. Posted by Hello

My great grandfather, Benjamin Pugh. Posted by Hello
My great grandmother Margaret A Pugh (nee Hurst). Posted by Hello
The wedding of Robert Pugh in 1930. BACK l-r Benjamin Pugh (my ggf), Thomas Allen(?), Ethel's brother, Norman Pugh, Robert Pugh and bride Ethel, Mr Reece and his wife (Ethel's sister). FRONT l-r My great grandma Pugh, Ethel's niece 1, Eva Preston, Ethel's niece 2, Mona Pugh, Ethel's mother. Posted by Hello


I've got a few of these to spare. Don't know if you've heard of gmail. The 1GB on-line storage makes it ideal to to store all your genealogy site mailings. You then have a rapidly searchable data-base (you search all your received and sent mail using a Google search-engine!). If you want an invite just email me via the link in my profile.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Denis Frederick Fisher.

My father, Denis, died on 7th August 2004 at Heartlands hospital, Birmingham. Here are a few photographs of him, followed by photographs of other Fishers and another relation, a RAF crewman who died in action in WW11.
Denis Frederick Fisher, aged about 4. Posted by Hello
Denis Frederick Fisher, age 8. Posted by Hello
Denis Frederick Fisher, in the Air Training Corps (?) Posted by Hello
Denis Fisher, a sergeant in the RAF. Posted by Hello
The wedding of Denis Frederick Fisher to Marjory Doreen Pugh on 25th August 1951 at Bordesley Green Methodist Church, Birmingham. Posted by Hello
RAF Lancaster of 550 Sqdn and it's crew, Francis Leman Jesse Colbourne on the extreme right. The aircraft was shot down over Gelsenkirchen, Germany on 6th November 1944 with the loss of all the crew. Francis Colbourne was the grandson of Jesse Congreave. Posted by Hello
Portrait of Rosa Lilian Fisher, my great-aunt. Posted by Hello
John Charles Fisher (1886-1969), my great-uncle. Posted by Hello
Great-uncle John Charles Fisher with wife Laura Ellen Fisher (nee Toy) in fancy dress. John won hundreds of fancy dress competitions. Posted by Hello
The 50th wedding anniversary of John Charles Fisher and wife Laura. Posted by Hello
John Charles Fisher (1856-1935), my great grandfather. Posted by Hello
John Charles Fisher (1856-1935) in a studio in fancy dress, (a pattern seems to be emerging here!). Posted by Hello
Florence Elizabeth Buck, wife of John Charles Fisher (1856-1935), in fancy dress in a studio. Posted by Hello
John Charles Fisher (1856-1935) in fancy dress in a studio, again. Posted by Hello
John Charles Fisher (c1821-1885). My great great grandfather. Posted by Hello